Two Marlins, One Base

Marlins_Donovan_Solano_2013With the game tied 2-2 in the top of the sixth, Marlins first baseman Logan Morrison and infielder Donovan Solano ended up sliding simultaneously into third base.

Morrison—who had started the play on third—was caught in a rundown, and dove into the base at the same time as Solano’s slide. Solano had began his run from first, and turned the corner believing Morrison would either score or be tagged out at home plate. He was wrong.

The result was an awkward pile of men on third base, and a confused Ian Desmond, who attempted to tag both base runners. Morrison wound up being called for the tag, but had both he and Solano been called out, this play would’ve reached a level of beauty few other baseball moments could match.

Source: Bleacher Report