Tuck: Top Sports Stories And Moments of 2013

These are the great plays, stories, and moments that made 2013 a year to remember.  Which will stand out the most years from now?



50. Fax Me Maybe?- Elvis Dumervill leaves Broncos in an unusual manner.

49. NHL Lockout Ends- 600 cancelled games later we had hockey again.

48. Splash Bros.- Steph Curry and Klay Thompson say hello to America.

47. Great Brit- Andy Murray wins Wimbledon.

46. Revis Island Relocates- The Jets trade Revis to the Bucs.

45. Can’t Beat the Heat- 27 straight wins for Miami.

44. Blackhawks Never Down- 21-0-3 start for eventual Cup Champs.

43. Blade Runner- Amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius inspired millions and then charged with murdering his girlfriend.

42. Targeting the Problem- College football’s newest rule causes concern.

41. Won and Done- Freshmen liven up college hoops.


40. Bizarro Superman- Dwight Howard returns to Orlando.

39. Pirates Play in October- Pittsburgh in the playoffs for first time since 1992.

38. #FullSpeedAhead- Miami finally has it’s case wrapped up by the NCAA

37. Heads Up 7 Up- Peyton Manning and Nick Foles each tie NFL record with 7 TD passes.

36. You Know Sergio?- Tiger and his best friend.

35. Boston Strong- Marathon bombings and the city’s reaction.

34. Bye-Bye BCS and hello Selection Committee

33. Collins Out of the Closet- NBA player Jason Collins admits he is gay.

32. Knock It Down!!!- The Ravens stay alive in part due to a terrible Broncos miscue.

31. The prayer at Jordan-Hare- Impossibly lucky bounce beats Georgia.


30. MRSA in Tampa Bay- The locker room is infected.

29. FSU 14-0- The Noles don’t lose a football game in the calender year.

28. Tiger Out of Bounds?- Did Tiger Wood’s cheat?

27. Jay Bilas further exposes NCAA

26. Tide Roll Again- Alabama pounds Notre Dame for 2nd straight BCS title.

25. The Weird Series- A World Series with many oddities.

24. RG3’s Recovery- The quarterback’s return didn’t go as planned.

23. He Doesn’t Love LA- Dwight ditches Lakers.

22. The Cuban Missile- Yasiel Puig

21. Ain’t Clowny Around- Jadeveon Clowny knocks the helmet off a Michigan runner in the hit of the year.


20. Fiesta Knights- UCF wins AAC, goes to first BCS bowl.

19. Scarlet Letter- Rutgers coach Mike Rice fired after video tape showed him abusing players.

18. NFL Headache Over?- League pays out $765 million to settle concussion lawsuit.

17. Redskins offensive?- Skins name comes under fire.

16. Achilles Heel- Kobe Bryant goes down.

15. Will He Or Won’t He Be Charged?- Jameis Winston’s season hangs in the balance as he is accused of rape.

14. The Leg Goes Snap- Louisville G Kevin Ware and the injury of the year.

13. Light’s Out- Power outage at the Super Bowl as Ravens win 2nd title.

12. No Mo Rivera- The greatest closer finishes career.

11. Dunk City- #15 seed Florida Gulf Coast’s Cinderella run.



10. Thank Jesus (Shuttlesworth)- Ray Allen saves Miami in Game 6 as Heat win another title.

9. Deer Antler Spray- Ray Lewis and others linked to snake-oil salesmen.

8. “I’m with NFL”- Patriot’s TE Aaron Hernandez charged with murder.

7. Johnny (Football) Hancock- The Heisman winner’s signature offseason.

6. Every Rose Has It’s Thorns- Derrick Rose’s quest for 100%.

5. Biogenesis- PED’s alive and well in MLB.

4. Tour De Truth- Lance Armstrong admits to doping.

3. Bully-Gate- Jonathon Martin and Richie Incognito Dolphins drama.

2. Catfishy Story- Manti T’eo invisible girlfriend.

1. Iron Bowl for the Ages- Once in a lifetime play ends Tide’s reign in rivalry game.