Tuck: Sports Missing From The Summer Olympics

Baseball and softball- No brainers to me.  Both were dropped for these 2012 games, but both should be played, regardless how many players it takes.

Golf- Might be the fastest growing sport around the world, and will be added for the 2016 games thankfully.

Bowling- Don’t laugh.  Seriously, stop it.  If you don’t think it’s a real sport, then watch the Olympics and count how many aren’t.

Climbing- Or mountain climbing.  Something of the sort.  First to the top wins.  Don’t know how this isn’t a sport.

Basketball shooting contests and dunk contest- Don’t give me that look.  If there can be spin-offs for types of swimming and gymnastics, why not find out who the best shooter in the world is or who the best dunker is?

Pole dancing- Don’t roll your eyes at me.  This takes as much, if not more skill than trampoline or rhythmic gymastics, and applies much of the same disciplines you apply in gymnastics.  And yes, they’ll keep their clothes on.

Billiards- Or pool.  Why not?

Cricket- Just because I don’t play it, doesn’t mean that there aren’t many that do and love it around the world.

Lacrosse- They have field hockey.  I watched some of it yesterday, so why no lacrosse?

Football- I know Americans are the about the only ones that play, but why shouldn’t we get a gold medal for what we are great at?


I don’t know about you, but watching equestrian, synchronized diving, and some other sports I shake my head that these are included, and yet more commonly played and more popular sports are left out.