Tuck: Penn State Should Not Get Death Penalty

The current and future athletes of Penn State had nothing to do with moments, and days, and years of complete ineptitude, carelessness, and utter disregard by those in the power, decision-making positions at the school.  Those men, made the mistakes, and will be punished for their errors in judgement.

Nothing can be gained by the victims and their families by punishing scholar athletes of today and tomorrow.

I took a class in college that addressed symbols and the power they have in society.  Almost every time period and culture valued things that had no real value.  They assigned importance to things.

I feel like many people are doing that in this case.  Their idea of repairing the mistakes and punishing the guilty is most easily addressed in the form of tearing down Penn State athletics and Joe Paterno’s statue.

One terrible man committed multiple criminal acts and others who perhaps had a chance to stop it are charged with failing to do so.  A lot of people failed to stop Jerry Sandusky sadly.

Joe Paterno has a statue because of many great accomplishments as a coach of the football team and his generous demeanor within the Penn State community.  Failure to act in stopping a criminal act doesn’t take away from any of the good.  It perhaps adds an unfavorable chapter at the end of his book, but those that honor his life and efforts with a statue can and should be allowed to continue to do so I believe.  To them, the statue represents many great things.

The football team and all other sports governed at Penn State by individuals who failed in their civic duty should and will face appropriate discipline.

Going beyond that only turns a regrettable, heinous, disgusting, and embarrassing act into something disrupting, upsetting, and influencing far too many innocent people’s lives.