Tuck: Mark Sanchez And Tim Tebow Are Similar

Tim Tebow is going to the NY Jets.  The Jets traded a 4th and 6th round pick to Denver for Tebow and a 7th round pick.

All he does is win.  He makes mistakes, yes.  But he wins.  It’s not always pretty, but it works.

I am talking about Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez.

Both players are similar in the media beatdowns they take for their short-comings.  Inaccurate passers.  Slow decision-makers.  Prone to making mistakes.  They are young, but are they growing and getting better?

The difference is Tebow seems to have a loud group of supporters.  If Sanchez has such a group, I can’t hear them over the nay-sayers.

Let’s look at the tale of the tape though.  I think you are in for a surprise.

Seasons played: Tebow 2  Sanchez 3

Record: Tebow 8-6 (.571)  Sanchez 27-20 (.571)

Playoff Record: Tebow 1-1  Sanchez 4-2 (all four wins on the road)

4th quarter comebacks (according to profootballreference.com): Tebow 6  Sanchez 9

Game-winning drives (according to profootballreference.com): Tebow 7  Sanchez 11

Touchdown-INT ratio career: Tebow 17-9  Sanchez 55-51

Touchdown-INT ratio 2011-12: Tebow 12-6  Sanchez 26-18

Rushing TD career: Tebow 12  Sanchez 12

Rushing TD 2011-12: Tebow 6  Sanchez 6

Completion percentage career: Tebow 47.3%  Sanchez 55.3%

Completion percentage 2011-12: Tebow 46.5%  Sanchez 56.7%

Passing yards 2011-12: Tebow 1729  Sanchez 3474


Admit it.  You were surprised by some of that, right?

Mark Sanchez was often the pinata of the New York and national media for the failures of the Jets.  Reality is though as the Jets have gotten worse, Sanchez has gotten better.  The defense has failed.  The running game has failed.  The receivers have failed.  Sanchez has failed too, but has failed less the longer he’s been around.

Adding Tim Tebow doesn’t fix any problems for the Jets.  It only adds to the confusion.  Sanchez, although not great at this stage, is still better than Tebow.  Tebow will run more, and ad lib more, while Sanchez will pass the ball better.  Both players have proven in a small sample size that they can lead and win.  But both have needed things around them working well to do so however.  Adding Tebow doesn’t fix the Jets other, very real, deficiencies.