Tuck: NBA Point Guard Rankings

This time of year “titles” get thrown around loosely.  Players like Mike Conley and Tony Parker have seen their stock on the rise.  They deserve the props they are getting, but we can’t lose perspective based on who happens to play for a better team and who is hurt and not playing.

The rankings:

This isn’t a resume contest.  It isn’t a long-term or futures list.  This isn’t a good/bad contract list.  This is a now list, that if all players are healthy, how I’d rank the point guards in the NBA.  So yes, I include the Rose’s and Westbrook’s.  They are hurt, not retired or dead.  This is a list about who would I feel best about handling a leadership role that the position demands.  I want ball-handling, defense, dribble penetration, range-shooting, passing-ability, and scoring.  I certainly factor in size, athleticism, and age.  What you’ll find, is there is a lot of room for debate.  A LOT.  I feel good about how I ranked 1-10, 11-20, and 21-30, but the order can be reorganized some depending on what you value most in the position.  In other words, I wouldn’t jump anyone from one group to the next, but I could be talked into players swapping spots within that group.

30. Mo Williams

29. Darren Collison

28. Kyle Lowry

27. Jose Calderon

26. Greivis Vazquez

25. Raymond Felton

24. Andre Miller

23. Jameer Nelson

22. Jarrett Jack

21. Goran Dragic

20. Ricky Rubio

19. George Hill

18. Jeff Teague

17. Jeremy Lin

16. Steve Nash

15. Kemba Walker

14. Brandon Jennings

13. Damian Lillard

12. Mike Conley

11. John Wall

10. Ty Lawson

9. Jrue Holiday

8. Rajon Rondo

7. Deron Williams

6. Kyrie Irving

5. Tony Parker

4. Stephen Curry

3. Derrick Rose

2. Russell Westbrook

1. Chris Paul


Feel free to include your thoughts in the comment section or emailing me at [email protected]