Tuck: NBA Drafting Brittney Griner A Joke

I didn’t want to even engage in this silly discussion, but I will write a short blog to make my opinion perfectly clear.  There is ZERO chance of Brittney Griner playing in the NBA.  If I could go less than zero, I would.

I, and anyone else that says as much, isn’t hating Griner.  Isn’t hating women.  And isn’t hating women’s sports or basketball.  It’s just a truth, no other way around it.  It really isn’t even a conversation.

In a way, I hope Mark Cuban or some other publicity-seeking owner brings Griner into a summer camp just so we can see how obviously over-matched she’d be against men.  We aren’t matching her up against guys at the YMCA, these are grown men trying to make a NBA roster.  Most aren’t even good enough to play in the league, and they would crush Griner.  She is 6’8″, 207.  She doesn’t possess the physical size or quickness to compete.

Women are good at a lot of things.  There are even some sports they can be the equivalent of men in as professionals, but basketball isn’t one of them.  Likely never will be.