Tuck: Johnny B Goode

Mike Tuck On the Air talks Johnny Manziel

Texas A&M redshirt sophomore QB Johnny Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy, according to Yard Barker.

The report states Archie Manning sent Manziel home for a number of reasons.  The Aggie quarterback apparently showed up late on Saturday after spending a night on the town on Friday.

Alabama’s AJ McCarron with Johnny Manziel

“Camp officials told local media that Manziel ‘is sick’ and was no longer at the camp,” the report states. “But our source claims he was kicked out.”  The site updated their original post, adding Manziel missed multiple meetings on Saturday morning without informing anyone of his absence.  “Most people at the camp assume he simply slept through them.”
Dallas Morning News reporter Kate Hairopolous tweeted that she received a text from Johnny Manziel’s father saying that he is home “resting and recuperating from dehydration.”
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen talked with Manning Passing Academy officials who adamantly disputed reports that Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel was sent home due to “partying.”  “Johnny Manziel did participate in some activities in the 2013 Manning Passing Academy as a college counselor/coach,” the statement said. “After missing and being late for practice assignments, Johnny explained that he had been feeling ill. Consequently, we agreed that it was in everyone’s best interest for him to go home a day early.”
Peyton Manning told ESPN.com that he “enjoyed meeting Johnny” and that he wants Manziel to “come back as a counselor next year.” Manning also pointed out that his brother, Eli Manning, missed a meeting when he was a counselor at the camp years ago, and that counselors leave early on a regular basis.
Johnny Manziel enjoying himself on Spring Break
The bottom-line of all this doesn’t amount to much if you are a college football fan.  I don’t even think you have anything to worry about if you are an Aggies fan.  Johnny Football is just enjoying life as a college student.  None of these decisions, good, bad, or indifferent will have an impact on what he is doing this upcoming football season.  I’d consider him the favorite to win back-2-back Heisman trophies.  I believe Texas A&M will have a chance to win a national title.  I am not going to hyper-analyze every move he makes.  Going to basketball games and parties is cool.  He’s probably the envy of most every college student.  If you want worry about those things, have at it.  Heck, if you don’t think he’s draftable because he used a fake-ID in 2012 and he may or may not have had to much to drink and was asked to leave a work voluntary function then you are entitled to that, I guess.  I am not overly concerned about a 20-year old (won’t be 21 until December!) making a couple immature decisions as long as they aren’t criminal or look to be a definition of his character.  I am more curious what he can do to improve on one of the greatest college football seasons by a quarterback in history.  It seems like everyone else is more concerned with Johnny being good off the field than on it.