Tuck: I Gotta Ask Why?

Why are the Diamondbacks so offended at the Dodgers jumping in their outfield pool after winning the NL West?  Don’t put a pool in your baseball stadium if you don’t want people using it.

Why is anyone surprised that Texas is interested in Nick Saban?  Why would anyone be surprised if Saban left?  He does have a history.

Why did the Heat sign Michael Beasley?  Sure, it’s a non-guaranteed deal so you can say what is the big deal, but I just don’t know what there is to gain?  Where does he fit in?

Why didn’t the Patriots go out and give Tom Brady more weapons?  I don’t know how much longer he’ll play, but I’d want him to have as much to work with as possible until he retires!

Why do I cringe more at flags being thrown every time I see a big hit in football than I do over the actual hit?

Why is football getting so soft?  A sport that became so popular for it’s controlled violence is trying to outlaw violence.

Why are people surprised you can damage your brain in a sport that requires you to wear a helmet?  What’s next?  Someone going to suggest they didn’t know staring a computer screen all day can hurt your eyes?

Why do reporters keep digging up skeletons?  People are better at creating problems for others instead of solving problems.

Why do we care if people want to give money and things to college kids?

Why do people knowingly give college kids things when they know it will get them and the school they root for in trouble?

Why do kids accept things knowing it will get them and their school in trouble?

Why does the NCAA even have rules from preventing people from giving and receiving things?

Why do we even pretend to call them amateur athletics any more?

Why was everyone asking Derek Jeter if he was retiring?  He’s hurt, not dying.

Why is everyone losing their stuff over Miley Cyrus?  You guys have seen some of these rock, rap, and country music videos before, right?  Naked chicks everywhere.

Why isn’t the USA better at soccer?  I mean, I’m happy and all that they once again qualified for the World Cup, but after all these years, why haven’t we become a bigger threat to win the thing, not just happy to be there?

Why does anyone expect LeBron James to give an answer other than, “I don’t know,” when it comes to what he’ll do after this season?

Why is it seem to be so difficult for pro athletes to show to court dates?  I mean, do they enjoy seeing their name in headlines that read, “warrant out for his arrest after missing court date?”