Tuck: How I’ll Remember The 2013 NBA Playoffs

One of the most fascinating, back-n-forth, exciting, and compelling NBA Finals ever.

LeBron James becomes officially all-time great.  He was an all-time great talent already, but now with his MVP’s, a pair of titles, and how he performed in winning them, he doesn’t have to play another game and he’s among the 20 players ever.

Incredible individual performances by random players.  Danny Green, Gary Neal, Boris Diaw, Mario Chalmers, Chris Anderson, and Shane Battier just to highlight the Finals teams.

None stick out more than Danny Green’s unbelievable, record-setting 3-point shooting performance in the Finals.

Kawhi Leonard just scratching the surface of how good he’ll become in the coming years.  Every Spurs is nodding their head in giddy anticipation.

Overall, a new-found respect and appreciation for Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Greg Popovich, and the entire Spurs organization.

Paul George becoming a recognized star in the NBA.  He has become the 4th best small forward in the league behind James, Durant, and Anthony, and he has a chance to climb.

Roy Hibbert becoming a force in the middle.

Stephen Curry putting the country on notice that he wasn’t just a college sensation.

His teammate, rookie Harrison Barnes suddenly wasn’t playing like a rookie anymore.

David Lee showing grit playing with a hip injury that was supposed to take him out for the playoffs.

Mark Jackson becoming one of the more likable coaches in the NBA.

Russell Westbrook’s injury derailing a potential Finals rematch between the Thunder and Heat.

Derrick Rose’s lack of courage.

His Bulls teammates playing with the heart of champions.

Nate Robinson playing like the best player on the floor on more than one occasion.

A Lakers season decimated by injuries ends with 5 of their top 7 players watching on the bench.