Tuck: College Basketball > College Football

I am reminded every March what makes college basketball so great.

There is never a reason for me to care about two WAC teams playing in football.  Or two C-USA teams.  Or two Sun Belt Teams.

But in college basketball I care about two teams whose mascots I don’t recognize and whose locations I am unaware of.  I don’t know any of the players, but I care.


Because they are playing for something.  Nobody is out of the chase for the national title in college hoops.  In college football, half the field has been eliminated before the year starts.

Look, I love a college football Saturday.  I watch all day, and all night.  Does a game between Auburn and Alabama mean more on the gridiron than on the hardwood?  No doubt it.

College football could be my favorite sport, the politics involved and the how the sport is run tears at me.

College basketball’s regular season is ripped for being irrelevant, but that just isn’t true.  Those games count.  It’s what those monitoring the bubble point to for why teams are in or out.  Plus, college basketball encourages out of conference collisions.  Duke-Kansas, North Carolina-Kentucky, etc, etc.  College basketball produces great games all year because there is no fear of one loss eliminating anyone.

I love both sports.  I really do.  But March does show me that I can care about Montana-Weber State.  In college football, I don’t care about a Georgia-Michigan State bowl game.

I think that says a lot about who has the better postseason, and the better setup.