Tuck: Andy Dalton In Good Company

The Cincinnati Bengals quarterback is under fire today for another playoff defeat.  And he should be.  He didn’t play well and his team lost.  That’s only fair.  But the Bengals have lost 3 straight years in the playoffs as a result of other things too.

This chart below gives you 5 quarterbacks who began their playoff careers 0-3.  Can you figure out who is who?


– 0-3 start. 19-16, 23-17, and 41-0 losses.  He completed 50/105 passes for 558 yards and 1 TD and 2 INT in those games.

– 0-3 start.  30-24, 48-21, and 24-2 losses. He completed 70/110 passes for 584 yards and 3 TD and 4 INT in those games.

– 0-3 start.  20-12, 21-7, 20-6 losses. He completed 66/123 passes for 850 yards and 0 TD and 5 INT in those games.

– o-3 start. 24-16, 10-3, and 26-8 losses. He completed 48/94 passes for 530 yards and 0 TD and 7 INT in those games.

– 0-3 start. 31-10, 19-13, and 27-10 losses.  He completed 70/123 passes for 718 yards and 1 TD and 6 INT in those games.


Those are the stat lines for the following quarterbacks: Peyton Manning, Matt Ryan, Randall Cunningham, Jack Kemp, and Andy Dalton. 

Also for the record Eli Manning, Tony Romo, John Elway, Matt Hasselbeck, Neil O’Donnell, and Ken Anderson all began their playoff careers 0-2.

Y.A. Title never won a playoff game, going 0-4 in his career.  Bert Jones, Steve Grogan, and Bobby Hebert all went 0-3 for their careers.

Andy Dalton may end up more Bobby Hebert than Peyton Manning.  But he may also end up Matt Hasselbeck or one of the other quarterbacks that is good enough to get you to a Super Bowl.  Andy Dalton is not a STIFF.  Stiffs don’t throw for the third most touchdowns in a season.  Stiffs don’t lead one of the worst franchises in NFL history to three straight playoff appearances.

The Bengals had only made the playoffs 9 different seasons before Andy Dalton arrived.  They had made it just twice in twenty years before he got there.

I am not saying he shouldn’t be criticized.  I am not saying he is a savior or an all-time great quarterback.  What I am saying is calm the hell down if you are a Bengals fan.  Be patient.  You certainly have been forced to sit through much worse!