Trent Williams Accusation Not The First Against Umpire Roy Ellison

Redskins_Trent_Williams_2013Roy Ellison, the umpire accused of spewing insults and profanity at Washington offensive lineman Trent Williams, has previously been accused of similar inappropriate language directed at players.

Former NFL head of officiating Mike Pereira said on FOX Football Daily that after a similar accusation, he had to sit down with Ellison and warn him not to let it happen again.

“What concerns me about this is I sat in the same chair that Dean Blandino, the vice president of officiating, is sitting in right now, with the same official, Roy Ellison, who years ago allegedly shouted and swore at players, and it was a big issue that I had to deal with,” Pereira said.

Source: Michael David Smith, NBC Sports