Toughest Athlete Tournament “Compton Bracket”

You’ve seen our “Detroit Bracket” which featured top-seeded blade murderer (allegedly) Oscar Pistorius. Now let’s see how our “Compton Bracket” shakes out with top-seeded home favorite O.J. Simpson, along with legendary coach choker Latrell Sprewell. Others vying for a trip to “The Big Brawl” are former ‘Bucs hitman John Lynch, ultra mean and muscular Greg Jones along with legendary tough men Mean Joe Greene and Dick Butkus. Check out our Toughest Athletes Bracket and just be thankful if you don’t run into any of these characters in a dark alley.

Compton Bracket:
1. O.J. Simpson
16. Bart Scott

8. John Lynch
9. Anthony Mason

5. Deacon Jones
12. Stephen Jackson (NBA)

4. Latrell Sprewell
13. Warren Sapp

6. Dick Butkus
11. Herschel Walker

3. Greg Jones
14.Hines Ward

7. Albert Haynesworth
10. Pacman Jones

2. Joe Greene
15. John Randle