Top QBs in NFL Playoffs

Tom Brady
He may not have had his best season statistically but he’s done a great job leading the Patriots offense. As Brady gets older, he seems to have less protection and receiver options. He did lose a few of his most successful receivers this season—Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski.

Peyton Manning
He had a great statistical year compared to Brady. Some of his success can be attributed to the new rules surrounding coverage of receivers. Now that players are not allowed to cover receivers as much as they were before, it’s harder to put up the numbers that Manning has. He utilizes the assets around him and he knows how to be effective.

Drew Brees
He holds the power of the comeback. By leading the Saints to the playoffs from a terrible season in 2012, Brees had more than 5,000 passing yards and 39 touchdowns. He even led the team to an upset victory over Philadelphia. He’s a bit of a chance-taker which makes the energy he brings to the team undeniable. He is a positive leader and his teammates respect him.

Andrew Luck
He has the ability to turn things around late in the game. He leads his team in a way that makes others around him better. He suffered a few losses this season, like Reggie Wayne and Dwayne Allen, but was able to recover. He found ways to turn things around and keep spirits up. Most importantly, he found ways to come back and win.

Colin Kaepernick
He helped lead his team through an unbelievable season. He’s been to the Super Bowl and he called the plays in the game against Green Bay. He’s been in the league for a couple years now and he’s learned the ins and outs of how to play. He plays as a defensive quarterback, hurting teams with the way he controls the tempo of his offense. He has the potential to take his team to the Super Bowl and win.