Top 10 Super Bowl Performances Of All-Time

Top 10 Super Bowl performances of all-time:

Do you remember Terrell Davis and his migraine or the way that Steve Young held the Vince Lombardi trophy after the San Francisco 49ers beat the San Diego Chargers. What was your favorite Super Bowl performance? Terry Bradshaw was intercepted twice and fumbled once before he tossed four touchdowns. Do you remember Kurt Warners’ wife and her buzz cut look or do you remember Kurt passing 45 times without and interception?

10 Tie. Terry Bradshaw, QB, Pittsburgh Steelers: Super Bowl XIII
Bradshaw’s Resume: 17-30, 318 yards, 4 TD 1 INT 2 Fumbles
Final Score: Pittsburgh Steelers 35 – Dallas Cowboys 31

10 Tie. Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl XIX
24-35, 331 yards, 3 TD, 5 rush attempts, 59 rush yards, rush TD.
Final Score: San Francisco 49ers 38 – Miami Dolphins 16

9. Jerry Rice, WR, San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl XXIII
11 receptions (Super Bowl record-tied), 215 yards (Super Bowl record), TD, 1 rush attempt, 5 rush yards.
Final Score: San Francisco 49ers 20 – Cincinnati Bengals 16

8. Terrell Davis, HB, Denver Broncos: Super Bowl XXXII
30 rush attempts, 157 yards, 3 TD (Super Bowl record), 2 receptions, 8 receiving yards.
Final Score: Denver Broncos 31 – Green Bay Packers 24

7. Marcus Allen, RB, Los Angeles Raiders: Super Bowl XVIII
20 rush attempts, 191 yards, 9.6 yards per rush, 2 TD, 2 receptions, 18 receiving yards.
Final Score: Los Angeles Raiders 38 – Washington Redskins 9

6. Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots: Super Bowl XXXVIII
32-48, 354 yards, 3 TD. Setting the Super Bowl record for completions.
Final Score: New England Patriots 32 – Carolina Panthers 29

5. Kurt Warner, QB, St. Louis Rams: Super Bowl XXXIV
Warner’s Resume: 24 -45, 414 yards (Super Bowl record), 2 TD. Set records for most passing yards and most attempts, 45 without throwing an interception.
Final Score: St. Louis Rams 23 – Tennessee Titans 16

4. Phil Simms, QB, New York Giants: Super Bowl XXI
22-25, 268 yards, 3 TD, 88% completion percentage (Super Bowl record).
Final Score: New York Giants 39 – Denver Broncos 20

3. Doug Williams, QB, Washington Redskins: Super Bowl XXII
18-29, 340 yards, 4 TD.
Set a Super Bowl record by passing for four touchdowns in single quarter
Final Score: Washington Redskins 42 – Denver Broncos 10

2. Joe Montana, QB, San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl XXIV
22-29, 297 yards, 5 TD (Named Super Bowl MVP record 3rd time)
Final Score: San Francisco 49ers 55 – Denver Broncos 10

1. Steve Young, QB, San Francisco 49ers: Super Bowl XXIX
24-36, 325 yards, 6 TD (Super Bowl record), 5 rush attempts, 49 rush yards.
Young was the first player in Super Bowl history to lead the game in both passing and rushing yards.
Final Score: San Francisco 49 – San Diego Chargers 26