Tony Dungy Feels for Irsay But Wants Punishment

Former Colts coach (and Buccaneers, back in the day) Tony Dungy feels terribly for his old boss, Jim Irsay, who was arrested for driving while intoxicated and drug possession.

Dungy told a radio station in Dallas that he’s heartbroken.

“I’ve known Jim Irsay for 13 years now. He’s a special guy to me — a person who is very self-sacrificing and would do anything for you. He did some unbelievable things for me, for my family, for the city of Indianapolis, and I just want him to do well. I was sad to see that but I’m hoping that this will be the silver lining in the cloud — he will reach out and get some help and grow from this.”

Even though Dungy has sympathy for Irsay, he said he’s expecting NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to give some sort of discipline for his actions. Goodell has disciplined players, coaches and team executives who have been arrested so it’s obvious he has something in mind for Irsay.

It’s safe to say that while Irsay deserves support and encouragement to recover, he does deserve some sort of discipline from Goodell and the league.

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