Tim Tebow Could End Up As A Chicago Bear

Go back to May 2010, a month after Tebow was drafted. In Canada’s National Post, Trestman compared Tebow to Trestman’s staggeringly effective QB for the Montreal Alouettes, Anthony Calvillo:

“We have a quarterback who has a long delivery and he’s one of the greatest quarterbacks and will finish as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time north or south of the border so he does it with a motion very similar to what Tim Tebow used in college.

It is worth noting — the Bears certainly did — that Trestman also tutored incumbent Bears starting QB Jay Cutler before the 2006 draft. But given the uncertainty that any team is willing to offer Tebow a shot at a starting role, Tebow might feel comfortable being a back-up on a team where he is familiar with the head coach — and for a team whose head coach once very publicly touted Tebow’s NFL potential as a quarterback.

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