Tim Brown: I Never Said That?!

Former Raiders receiver Tim Brown is backtracking from his suggestions that his old coach Bill Callahan sabotaged the team in Super Bowl XXXVII.

“I have never said that he sabotaged the game,” Brown said Wednesday morning on the Dan Patrick Show. “All I’m saying is, all I was saying after the game was, you know, the question was asked about this situation, but no one ever said — and I said on the radio show last Saturday night — that’s something that could never be proven. We can’t go inside the mind of Bill Callahan and say, ‘Oh, yeah, we knew exactly what he was thinking, what he was trying to do.’ All I’m saying is, the question was asked. But of course the media hears ‘sabotage’ and ‘Bill Callahan’ and ‘throwing the football game,’ now they’re saying ‘Throwing the football game’ and that terminology was never used. But that wasn’t the intent.”

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