Tiger Woods Has New Sponsor With MusclePharm

GOLF NEWS: Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

On Wednesday it was announced that Tiger Woods will have a new sponsor when he returns on tour. The sponsor is with MusclePharm, which is a company that sells various powders and pills to supplement workouts.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the sponsorship will go beyond his bag, as well.

“Woods will also be featured in MusclePharm advertisements and commercials. He will further support the brand via appearances and social media promotion.”

“One of the keys to success as an athlete is making sure you are fueling your body properly, which is at the core of MusclePharm’s mission,” said Woods. “This golf bag venture is a great way to launch this partnership. I look forward to working with MusclePharm to help people achieve their peak physical form.”

Examples of other MusclePharm athletes include Laron Landry, Colin Kaepernick, Eric Decker and even Arnold Schwarzenegger.