Thunder / Grizzlies postgame altercation

Zach Randolph and Kendrick Perkins may have engaged in a physical altercation after being ejected from the Memphis Grizzlies’ 107-97 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night.

Darnell Mayberry of The Oklahoman first tweeted the two “had an altercation near the locker rooms. Police investigating.” Later, however, Mayberry sent out that “Police captain saying an altercation did not take place and there is no investigation underway.”

Both were ejected with 2:05 remaining in the game. As they converged under the basket after the first of two Russell Westbrook free throws, Perkins, Randolph, and Marc Gasol traded words, at which point referee Ken Mauer ejected both Perkins and Randolph. This may have been the continuation of a previous incident:

Looked like Perk elbowed Z-Bo in upper back or head on prev trip and Z-Bo confronted him about it at FT line.

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