Giants Fans Trash City Hall


City sweeps up after rowdy Series celebration

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Police made dozens of arrest during a rowdy World Series celebration in the hours after the San Francisco Giants clinched the World Series.

The San Francisco Police Department reported Monday that 35 people were arrested, 22 on felony charges. Two people were arrested on gun charges.

Bonfires of trash were lit in several intersections around the city, and a public transit bus was torched. Windows of several businesses and vehicles were broken, including a news van.

Firefighters had police escorts as they fought fires fueled by couches, news racks and other debris. Much of the vandalism occurred in the city’s Mission District, where 24 of the arrests occurred.

Police spokesman Albie Esparza says the department didn’t yet have a damage estimate.

FRANCISCO (AP) — Giants fans are gathering in downtown San Francisco to celebrate their team’s World Series championship.

Some 2,000 fans assembled to watch the game on a Jumbroton a park across from City Hall, but the crowd grew in numbers and volume throughout the night.

The crowd exploded in a roar with the final out as the Giants defeated the Detroit Tigers, sweeping the series.

10-year-old Anthony Yos and his 15-year-old brother Luciano danced in an embrace with their parents.

Someone in the crowd launched fireworks a few minutes after the game and the park was awash with revelers, strangers hugging strangers and wine bottles and marijuana cigarettes being freely passed through the crowd despite a heavy police presence.

Source: Associated Press