The Panthers Want DeSean Jackson


DeSean Jackson is off the Philadelphia Eagles’ roster and he is available to be picked up by another team right away. The Carolina Panthers just cut the best wide receiver in franchise history, so it’s almost obvious that they are interested in  Jackson.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera said he wanted to find out more about Jackson but reporters who cover the team think that this acquisition is highly unlikely.

But, the reason this is a big deal is because Rivera was the first to proclaim his interest just moments after Jackson’s release. According to USA Today, he wants to look into it.

“He’s an intriguing player and we’ll take a look at him,” Rivera said. ”I just got word and this is surprising to hear. He’s an explosive player who has great vertical speed and is strong going to the ball.”

The Panthers cut Steve Smith and let multiple players go in free agency so they need some help. According to Pro Football Talk, Rivera says there are different factors to consider.

“It depends on the numbers. You have to negotiate around the numbers. We’ll see what happens. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next couple of days.”

Reports say that the Panthers are “cap challenged” so it’s hard to see them being a fit for Jackson.

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