The Natural: Tebow to TV

Tim Tebow on the set of ESPN College GameDay with Chris Fowler and Lee Corso (Duck Head)
Tim Tebow on the set of ESPN College GameDay with Chris Fowler and Lee Corso (Duck Head)

Former University of Florida, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow is testing the waters as an analyst. After stints with the Denver Broncos, New York Jets and the New England Patriots all indications are Tebow is headed to the broadcast booth.

This makes a great deal of sense for Tebow because what ne may lack as a passer he more than makes up for as a communicator. I have long thought that television was the best fit for Tebow and it seems that he would agree.

You may love or hate him but Tebow has always been good TV. He has made a very good move by hiring the powerful and well connected Creative Artists Agency out of Los Angeles to be his broadcast representatives. CAA can build Tebow the analyst brand quickly and there are no shortage of possible landing spots for Tebow.

ESPN, FOX, NFL Network, NBC and CBS all had early conversations with CAA and to say Tebow is hot is a true understatement. Team Tebow could be looking for a combo TV and radio show deal giving him the biggest platform possible.

ESPN, FOX, CBS and NBC all have the ability to give Tebow work year round on television and radio. He will start as an analyst but he will get much more. His best fit might be FOX because they have plenty of pro and college football but they could also use him on FOX Sports 1 and possibly FOX News.  His conservative, family first faith based background fits their model.

All that said Tebow’s CAA reps feel that they have a unique client that has talents beyond just the sports business. Look for CAA to land Tebow a sweet deal.