The Hockey Game Fans Need To Look Out For

Many hockey fans remember the  2010 epic finale of the men’s tournament in Vancouver between the US and Canada.

These countries considered to be the powerhouses now in Sochi are expected to clash again and fans should be highly entertained when they play, however, there is another game with a bitter, albeit better rivalry. The countries are right in Canada and USA but the teams are wrong.

It’s all about the women’s team.

These two teams have met in the gold medal final 18 times since 1990 even though the US women’s team has only one gold once in 1998. So on paper this may not seem like a great rivalry but in reality it is as Canada is considered the leader in hockey and the US team is right up there with them.

There is no Stanley Cup to go back to after the Olympics, there are only the World Championships so this tournament in Sochi is the equivalent of the Stanley Cup Final for women’s hockey.

The first match up between these two teams is highly anticipated because the last time they met in December, it ended in a brawl including 10 fighting major penalties after an illegal body check. This followed an earlier brawl in October that included 10 players.

Right now both teams are playing really well, with the US team coming off a 9-0 thrashing Switzerland and setting an offensive record of 3 goals in 55 seconds. Forward Amanda Kessel scored a hat trick and was a force throughout the game.  The Canadian team has played well but had some difficulty getting past Finnish goaltender Noora Raty.

Now the two teams are set to meet tomorrow February 12th 7:30 a.m. Eastern Time and fireworks will surely go off as these teams have a tremendous dislike for each other and their play shows it.

Everyone will have their focus on the men’s tournament, rightfully so because of the talent involved but fans of hockey should look out and make time for this game as it will be one for the ages. This game is worth waking up early to watch.