Nelsen Hired As TFC Coach, But Will Keep Playing For QPR

In a bizarre turn of events, Toronto FC in Canada has hired a manager with no coaching experience and who will keep playing for his current club, Queens Park Rangers in England.

Ryan Nelsen is a veteran of Major League Soccer, the English Premier League and New Zealand’s National team with more than 400 professional appearances.  He currently plays defense for QPR and will apparently honor the length of his contract with the London based club through the end of May.  The problem?  The Major League Soccer season starts in March.

The MLS Combine for players entering the draft is this weekend, but TFC’s new coach will be playing Tottenham in London during the event.  The MLS Draft itself is next week, and it has been officially announced he will not be available to take part in that either.

In fact, Ryan Nelsen may not even be available for the first 3 months of the season with his new club.  But that has yet to be officially announced.  TFC and QPR are in discussions about when Nelsen will be released.

Needless to say, this development brought back much fan and media backlash on Twitter.  Here are the highlights.