Tebow To Cardinals, Kolb To the Jets

According to NFL.com, The Jets have expressed interest in Kevin Kolb if he is released by the Cardinals, which is expected before he is due a roster bonus of $2 million last this week. The Daily News reports that if the team does sign Kolb, it is likely he will be the starter in Week 1 over Mark Sanchez.

According to ESPN.com, the team shopped Tebow at the scouting combine and could trade him if they find a partner. The Jets also have Greg McElory and Matt Simms at quarterback and they would like to settle things bit before training camps open in the summer. Tebow has been a hard quarterback to trade due to his style of play, but the Cardinals could be an excellent fit, as they are getting rid of Kolb and were one of the worst offenses in the NFL last season.

Source: Matthew Jussim, Sports World Report