Super Bowl XLVIII: Wes Welker Wants His Ring

Super Bowl XLVIII Wes Welker Denver Broncos Media Day

(on what the weather will affect) “Nothing really, just excited for the opportunity to get to play in this game, whether it’s 20 below or 80 degrees. So, I’m just excited at the opportunity and looking forward to it.”

(on if he likes media day) “Yeah, I love media day. Who doesn’t love media day?”

(on this Super Bowl being a chance to make up for his dropped pass with New England in Super Bowl XLVI) “You know what? I don’t even think about it. The past is the past, what happened, happened and I’m just looking forward to this one and going out there and playing my best game and doing what I can to help my team win.”

(on what he has learned from previous Super Bowl experience with New England) “I think mainly the experience. Definitely just being through it and going through the things and coaches talking about it, being there with your teammates and different things like that, kind of going through a part of it. The experience is the main part.”

(on how soon he started to connect with Denver QB Peyton Manning) “Pretty early on. We were kind of working together right off the bat and staying on top of things and talking through every scenario and being ready to go when the season started.”

(on if it was difficult to learn a totally different offense) “It was a little bit different, but over time I became comfortable with it.”

(on talking with New England QB Tom Brady) “We just text after the game and stuff like that, but he’s a good friend of mine and we wish nothing but the best for each other.”

(on coming to Denver being the right choice) “I mean, I guess so, being in this game, but you never know that going into it.”

(on main differences between Brady and Manning) “I think I’ve covered this question ad nauseam over the course of this year. They’re obviously great quarterbacks and really did a great job.”

(on watching film of Seattle) “You know, they do a great job of really getting to the football. They have a lot of athletic guys with great instincts and when you combine those two things, they’re tough and you’ve got to go out there and be precise on your routes and get open and when you get the ball, get what you can and go down.”

(on the Seattle defense getting hands on Denver receivers) “We’ll just have to see how it plays out. I think there’s always that mindset that they can’t call everything, so it’s one of those deals where you just have to deal with it sometimes. You’ve got to play through it and make it where they can’t hold you. Run such a good route where they can’t hold you or do anything like that. So, the main thing is going out there and playing the best you can and we’ll see how the game is called early on and see how they’re playing it and try to be physical ourselves.”

(on the Seattle defense) “Yeah, they’re a great defense. I mean, they’re the No. 1 defense in the league. So, you’ve got to give it to them.”

(on how he expects to be effective against Seattle’s secondary) “I expect to be effective just by doing what I do and going out there and playing hard. Playing tough and making plays over the middle, trying to move the sticks and put us in position to score some points.”

(on if he would play in the Super Bowl with a concussion) “What do you think? I mean, you want to be out there. The Super Bowl, this is what you dream about. You’re going to be there, I don’t care what it takes, you’re going to be out there in this game.”

(on chance to make amends from the last Super Bowl he was in) “I don’t worry about the last Super Bowl. I moved on to this one. The opportunity is here and looking forward to the opportunity we have ahead of us.”

(on if he feels he has something to prove to the critics) “Not really. The only thing I have to prove is to myself and going out there and just playing the best game I can and whatever happens after that, happens.”

(on what changes he’s going to make going into this game based on two previous Super Bowls) “Nothing much. I had one game where I set a record for catches in a Super Bowl and then I had another one where it didn’t work out as I expected. So, you just go out there and you play the best you can and whatever happens from there, happens.”

(on his best playoff memory) “Best playoff memory? I mean, last week was a pretty good one.”

(on going undrafted) “A lot of times just coming into the league, especially on draft day, you just want a job. Then as you get a job, you want to accomplish things, you want to go to the playoffs, you want to go to the Super Bowl and then you want to win a Super Bowl. So, coming from humble beginnings to get to this point is definitely a blessing. Definitely going to try to enjoy it as much as possible.”

(on if there is an advantage to having been to a Super Bowl before and if that advantage dissipates at all throughout the week) “I don’t know. I think there are advantages to it, especially just knowing what to expect as far as media and everything like that. I mean, you’re doing 100 times more media than what you normally do. So, just getting used to that and just trying to focus on the game at the same time and not get caught up in everything else is I think key.”

(on what his years in Miami meant for his development) “Obviously it meant a lot. The more experience you can get, the better off you’re going to be and definitely getting those three years in Miami and really trying to develop my game and get better definitely helped me.”

(on where he would be in his career if he hadn’t been traded) “I don’t really ever think about it. I just look to the next game and the next opponent and just try to focus on that.”

(on if it was ‘bitter or sweet’ to play the Patriots to go to the Super Bowl) “I think a little bit of both. Obviously playing there and everything like that, you make a lot of relationships and a lot of friends and you wish the best for them. But, at the same time you’re excited about the opportunity you have in front of you.”

(on the Denver wide receivers) “Yeah, absolutely. These guys are talented. Probably one of the more talented groups I’ve ever been around. That goes from Demaryius (Thomas), to (Eric) Decker, to Bubba (Andre Caldwell). Across the board, even Trindon (Holliday), just having a bunch of skilled guys who can really play the game.”

(on adjustments Manning makes) “Yeah, I mean it’s something we practice a lot and making sure we’re getting in the right play and the best play possible against what they’re running against us. He does a great job of relaying that to us and putting us in the best play possible.”

(on helping players through their first Super Bowl experience) “Yeah, you try to. You try to tell guys just how much media attention it has and everything like that. But until you actually go through it, you don’t really understand until you’re actually in it.”

(on how this Super Bowl experience is different being there with Denver instead of New England) “I mean, not too different. It’s still a big game and pretty much leading up to it and going through everything is kind of the same way.”

(on if there is a different personality to this Denver team versus his previous New England teams) “It’s hard to say. I think we have a really good group of guys and we’re having a lot of fun and enjoying each other, enjoying the game and having fun out there playing ball together.”

(on what he will tell his grandchildren about playing with Brady and Manning) “I’m going to tell them that I was definitely very blessed and excited that I got the opportunity to ever play with two great quarterbacks like them and definitely enjoyed it.”

(on if Brady or Manning is the better quarterback) “They’re both good in their own way.”

(on what it means to get back to another Super Bowl) “It means a lot. It’s a lot of hard work and you have to have some luck along the way to get to this point and we’ve had it with even getting the No. 1 seed and being able to beat two good teams to get here. You don’t take these moments for granted that’s for sure.”

(on if there is more pressure on him being that this is his third Super Bowl appearance) “Not really. I treat it like any other game and go out there and just play the best I can. Whatever happens, happens. You can’t sit there and think in your mind, this or that or whatever. Whatever happens, happens and you just go out there and try to play the best you can.”

(on how the temperature affects the game) “You try to stay as warm as possible and at the same time, you’re really just going out there and just playing your game. Mentally, just getting past that and understanding that it’s another game and it’s going to be cold and it is what it is. You just go out there and play your game.”

(on the coldest game he has ever played) “There’s plenty of them. I played in New England for six years. I can’t really think of one out there, but, trust me, there’s been plenty.”

(on something people don’t know about Manning) “He’s actually a very genuine person. A great teammate, he loves hanging out with the guys and being around the guys, camaraderie and everything else. He enjoys it. It makes you enjoy it as well.”

(on how much of a difference it made switching helmets) “I don’t know, I couldn’t tell a difference myself, but apparently everyone else has because I’ve gotten a lot of texts and emails about my big helmet and how ridiculous I look in it. But as long as I’m out there playing, I’m all good.”

Source: NFL Media