Super Bowl XLVIII: Peyton Manning On His Legacy

Super Bowl XLVIII Peyton Manning Denver Broncos Media Day

(on being at the Super Bowl with Denver) “When you represent a different organization, it has a different feeling. It’s special to be here on behalf of the Denver Broncos. Our team has worked hard to get to this point. Everybody’s excited to be here. We only have four guys who have played in a Super Bowl. For a lot of the players, it’s their first time, and they are pumped up. I’m just as pumped being in my third (Super Bowl) at 37 years old.”

(on Denver’s preparation for the Super Bowl) “The preparation in the past two I played in was excellent. Obviously, it was two good teams. I won one, and I been part of a team that lost one. It is equally disappointing as it is equally gratifying to win it. I know which outcome I prefer, I can tell you that. Our preparation has been good so far this week and last week, and I think it will continue through the rest of the week.”

(on the weather) “The weather is going to be what it is going to be. We’ve played in all kinds of conditions this year, and I think it is going to help us.”

(on what Detroit head coach Jim Caldwell meant to him in Indianapolis) “Jim Caldwell has meant a great deal to me in my career. I felt like, once he got to Indianapolis, and became my quarterbacks coach, that my game really improved. It took a step up, and I thought Jim had a great deal to do with that. He and I had a set routine that we tried to perform every day in the meeting room on the practice field in different drills. From 2003 to 2008, when he was the quarterbacks coach, I was playing at a high level. I was glad to call the Lions on his behalf, share that with him, and share my thoughts about what he would be able to do for their organization. I was really happy for him that he got that job.”

(on his legacy) “I’ve been asked about my legacy since I was 25 years old, which I’m not sure you can have a legacy when you are 25 years old, or even 37. I thought you had to be 70 to have a legacy. I’m not 100 percent sure what the word even means. I’m down the homestretch of my career, but I’m still in it. It’s not over yet. It’s still playing out. This has been the second chapter of my career, and it is an exciting chapter. I’m certainly excited to be back in the Super Bowl on behalf of the Denver Broncos.”

(on if retirement has entered his mind) “In talking to John (Elway) and in talking to some other players who have played at my age … I think John Elway would still be playing football if he could physically. Based on his words to me, that physically he just couldn’t do it anymore – it was too hard to practice, it was too hard to play in the games, and it was painful – he just had nothing left to give out there. That’s why he decided to retire. Had he felt better, he would have kept playing. I feel a little bit better than I thought I would coming off that surgery a couple of years ago. I feel better physically. I’ve been rejuvenated playing under a different offense, playing with new receivers because it keeps me stimulated every day. So, I certainly would like to keep playing.”

(on making the transition from Indianapolis to Denver) “I was entrenched in one offensive system, under one culture for 14 years, so playing for a new head coach, playing for a new offensive coordinator in Adam Gase, playing with some new teammates, I’m learning new things about football. Football is a game, especially playing quarterback, if you ever stop learning, that’s when you are in trouble. You are constantly learning. I’ve learned a lot these past two years that has helped me stay stimulated and stay excited about the game of football.”

Source: NFL Media