Steve Smith Pulled Over During Radio Interview (AUDIO)


NFL player Steve Smith was driving and talking with hosts of “The Dan Le Batard Show” on ESPN Radio when he had to put the radio interview on hold because he was pulled over by the police.

In the middle of the interview, Smith stopped answering a questions, mid-sentence.

“Oh, see you guys got me in trouble.I’m getting pulled over by the police.”

He commented that he wasn’t speeding and put the hosts on hold so he could talk with the police. Smith returned to the phone after a few minutes, saying that the police let him go.

“Hey, when you don’t have any warrants or prior arrests it goes a long way with being a good citizen”


He was asked why he was pulled over in the first place and Smith said it might have been because he was talking on the phone, but he did hint at the possibility of racial profiling.

“Hey, you know, a brother driving a nice car. Sometimes they’ve got to make sure the registration all matches up.”

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