Steelers Teammate Rips Out Of Shape LaMarr Woodley

“He was awful,” an anonymous Steelers player told Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “He tells us he works out, but we didn’t see it. He wasn’t in shape. That has to be a reason why he was always hurt.”

Anonymous teammates are just the worst, aren’t they? (A: Yes, they are.) And safety Ryan Clark, appearing on NFL AM on Monday, said he thinks that it’s a result of the Steelers not being as close-knit as they used to be.

“That shows that this team that is normally close, you had the Joey Porters, the Alan Fanecas, just down the line, leader after leader, this team was close-knit,” Clark said. “It shows there is a fracture in that. I think that is the most disappointing thing about that coming out.”

What’s interesting about Clark’s comments is that he doesn’t say “what bothers me most is how untrue the comments are.” His biggest issue is that the comment was made, which makes you wonder whether he agrees.

Regardless, the fabric of the Steelers is going to change moving forward as well: Pittsburgh’s cap situation means there’s plenty of potential change on the horizon.

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