Steelers’ Daniel McCullers Drops 62 Pounds

Daniel McCullers

Most players bulk up between high school and NFL but for Pittsburgh Steelers rookie defensive tackle Daniel McCullers, the key to becoming a professional was turning pro.

McCullers weighed 414 pounds as a high school senior, and the major college football programs weren’t interested in him. Knowing that, he went on to attend Georgia Military College, and that turned out to be just the thing he needed.

“Waking up 5 o’clock every morning, running, working out with military officers, having formation every morning, marching every day, wearing uniforms,” McCullers told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “I did it all. At first, I thought it was a lot with the uniform and everything, but it was my only option.”

Two years in at Georgia Military College, he lost 50 pounds and had a plethora of scholarship offers, eventually ending up at Tennessee. He played well enough there that the Steelers took him in the sixth round of the NFL draft, now at 352 pounds. Seemingly just the right size for nose tackle.