What’s At Stake at the Ed O’Bannon Trial?

Tuck and O’Neill talks to Patrick Hruby of SportsOnEarth.com about the Ed O’Bannon Trial and what could it mean for College Athletics.NCAA_Mark_Emmert_1

Why you should listen:  Jerry O’Neill and Mike Tuck talks to Patrick Hruby of SportsonEarth.com about the Ed O’Bannon Trial which is taking place in Oakland. Hruby summarized what led to the Ed O’Bannon trial which is about O’Bannon a former UCLA basketball player and part of the 1995 National title team suing the NCAA over the use of name, image of college athletes on video games and Sports Broadcasts. Hruby explains why the NCAA may have been better of if the College Athletes just be part of a union instead of what they may risk losing if the trial verdict goes against the NCAA. Hruby talks about if there any chance this case ends in a settlement and who is winning this case so far.

Hruby also talks to Jerry and Mike if Title Nine has any impact on this case? Hruby also discusses what at stake in this trial and the impact on college athletics in the future as a result of the verdict of this trial and more.

 Patrick Hruby on Tuck and O’Neill : June 18, 2014

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