Some football nuggets for the weekend

Michigan will play it’s first ever night game in the Big House.  Fittingly against Notre Dame.

Utah will play it’s first ever Pac-12 game, at USC.

Cam Newton’s dad will be watching closely the game in Auburn.  Tigers fans will likely have a very rude welcome for Mississippi State, the school who was found guilty of offering $180k for Cam.

3/4 of the AFC South will start new quarterbacks on Sunday.  Jacksonville (Luke McCown), Indianapolis (Kerry Collins), and Tennessee (Matt Hasselbeck).

Atlanta, Kansas City, and Oakland went winless in the preseason.  No worries though, Indianapolis did last year and still made the playoffs.

Detroit and St. Louis went unbeaten in the preseason.  No promises though, San Francisco went unbeaten last year and finished 6-10.

No #1 overall QB drafted in the Super Bowl era has ever led his team to the playoffs.  Or for that matter, a winning record.  0-19 are the odds facing Cam Newton and Carolina.

Drew Brees (419 yards) tied Terry Bradshaw (1984) and Peyton Manning’s (2010) record for most passing yards in an opening day loss last night.

Since 1990, 11 teams have scored at least 30 points in an opening game loss.  8 of the 11 went on to make the playoffs.  Good news Saints.

In that same time, the 11 winners of those shootouts, 10 of them went on to make the playoffs. Better news Packers.

Good for Lance Briggs, and Reebok, for coming up with the red, white, and blue gloves and shoes for Sunday.  Should be a very emotional day around the country.  God Bless America.