Simms and Dierdorf breakdown the playoffs

Phil Simms and Jim Nantz will call Sundays Chargers at Denver game on CBS
Phil Simms and Jim Nantz will call Sundays Chargers at Denver game on CBS

The AFC Divisional will be played this weekend and can be seen on CBS locally that is WTSP TVchannel 10 and WKMG TV channel 6.  Saturday night it will be the Colts on the road taking on the Patriots. CBS will have the broadcast team of Greg Gumbel, Dan Dierdorf and Allie LaForce with a start time of 8 p.m. ET.

Sunday it will be San Diego at Denver at 4:30 p.m. ET and Jim Nantz, Phil Simms and  Tracy Wolfson will handle that broadcast.

Both Simms and Gumble broke the games down for Sports Talk Florida. Here is what they think will happen this weekend.

(On Patriots)

DIERDORF: I don’t know if Bill Belichick has done a better job of coaching.  And I’m not sure I’ve seen a player, through strength of will, put his teammates on his back quite the way Tom Brady has done…If you love anything about a team sport, you can’t look at the Patriots without a great deal of admiration.

SIMMS: Even the Bill Belichick haters in the media have given up…Why would you bet against the Patriots?  How much more information do we have to know?  It’s been there for many, many years.  It’s an incredible job but I don’t think any of us are surprised.

DIERDORF: Are they the most talented team in this playoff tournament?  Absolutely not.  But I think Phil said it best, ‘Would you bet against them?’ Well, only with your money.

(On importance of a quarterback in the playoffs)

SIMMS: I say this about organizations. It’s not always just the quarterback. You have to build your organization to support him. Have a plan and make it work. We are seeing that with most of these teams that are still in the playoffs…I give organizations and coaches a lot of credit, they build these guys…These big-armed quarterbacks, we saw it last year and we are already seeing it this year. It’s a big deal in the NFL and people overlook that and keep looking for all these magical things. ‘Oh, he’s just got IT,’ and, ‘He’s a winner.’ I’m looking for a big guy who can physically get it done. And we are seeing that in the NFL right now.

(On San Diego Chargers)

SIMMS: They got healthy. It kind of gelled for them late in the year. They’re at their best right now. They’re a better team now than the team that beat Denver. They’re a better team that won that beautiful game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Kansas City.

(On Philip Rivers)

SIMMS: He is now one of those guys that I am talking about that can make that unbelievable throw that we see from quarterbacks in the league. But his charisma, his leadership, his energy is second to none. He and Peyton Manningare almost the same guy. And this offense fits him perfectly. He’s the orchestrator. He loves it. Last year with Norv Turner, the last five games of the year, he changed as a quarterback.  And that change he made has continued and it’s even gotten better. He just knows how to play his part in the game. And what greater example do you need than last week.

(On passing the torch to Andrew Luck if he outperforms Tom Brady)

DIERDORF: Regardless of what happens this weekend I don’t know about the passing of the torch. Are we looking at a bright, young star in Andrew Luck? Let me just say this, I can’t imagine if you polled all 32 teams and said, ‘You have to start your franchise today with a quarterback. Who would it be?’ I’m hard pressed to imagine that even one of those 32 teams would choose someone other than Andrew Luck. That’s taking into consideration Tom Brady’s age and Peyton Manning’s age. But I don’t think there’s any question that Andrew Luck is the guy. He is the man in terms of where the quarterback position is headed for the next decade or so.

 SIMMS: At the quarterback position, if you are looking for Andrew Luck I wouldn’t wait up because there aren’t going to be many of those guys coming out. He’s a unique talent…I watch all of their games. He is the strongest.  Now this is saying something in my eyes because there are some strong quarterbacks, he is the strongest quarterback in the NFL.

(On quarterbacks in this year’s draft)

SIMMS: I watch a lot of college football. I try to keep track of all these guys. I don’t see an arm like Tom Brady,Aaron RodgersAndrew Luck. I just don’t see that big-time NFL arm that can drive and make those throws that you need…If I was looking for a quarterback high in the draft, I would be nervous.

(On Matthew Stafford)

SIMMS: Matt Stafford is as talented throwing the football as anybody in the NFL.  But now you have to accept the responsibility that you are the man. I think we all know what that means. Take control of the dang football team and make it yours. When you lose it’s your fault.  And when you win it’s everybody else that helped you get it done.