Sherman Says Weather Won’t Affect Either Team

On if bad weather would benefit the Seahawks:
“I really don’t think it benefits anybody. I think at the end of the day it’s going to come down to who plays the most effective football. Yeah, that’s really all I have to say about that. The weather will be what it is, both teams have played in cold weather games and been successful. I think it will come down to who executes better.”
On the Broncos receivers:
“I think they have a very strong receiving corps. Demaryius Thomas does a great job catching the football on his face, being explosive, getting yards after the catch. I think (Wes) Welker does a great job finding his spots on the field and also getting yards after the catch. Being very elusive after the catch. I think (Eric) Decker catches the ball very well and does  a great job high pointing the ball.”
On how the secondary determines how physical they can be with the receivers:
“We don’t try to gauge that at all. We got out there and play our games and play disciplined football and let the chips fall where they may.”
On how his memory and his recall help his game:
“ I think my memory and my recall help a substantial amount. You see a look for a second time or you see a formation a second time, you’re able to react a certain way and understand what they’re trying to do to attack the defense and the integrity of the defense. I think it allows me to play fast and it allows my teammates to play fast.”
On if his memory is photographic:
“I don’t know if it’s photographic, but I am able to recognize a lot of things especially when you see them again or see them for the first time. When you see them for the first time on the actual field, but I’ve seen it on film multiple times, I’m able to recognize it and I guess not everybody is able to do the same.”
On if the game will have more physicality because it’s the Super Bowl:
“ Well I think our physicality is always going to be there and that’s what we focus on. Whether they bring their physicality or not is on them. I’m sure it’s the last game so everybody is going to put everything they have on the table.”
On how important he feels education is to succeed in life:
“I think education is immensely important, especially to the youth. Even if that’s not going to be your chosen field I think you should understand the history of life, certain aspects of education are essential to kids growing up and understanding the world for what it is. I think it gives kids a lot of avenues to be successful and to reach all their dreams.”
On how important Vanderbilt Head Coach Derek Mason was to his development at Stanford:
“Derek Mason, I would say he was essential to my development and my understanding of the game. He taught me how to play the game, how to study the game, how to really go in depth with your film study and also understanding your weaknesses. Studying your weaknesses and what you do well and what you don’t do well and being able to self scout a lot more. Understand what teams are going to try to attack you and try to attack your defense. He’s really helped me and he still helps me to this day.”
On how important it is to him to be a good role model:
“I think it’s real important. I think that’s why you’re blessed to be on these stages and to have these microphones in front of you to deliver a good message to the future and to our youth. I think that’s very important to me and my family.”
On how media day went for him:
“It was great. A lot of fun and I enjoyed it.”