Sherman: “Guys Must be Accountable for Their Actions”

On Turnover Thursday:
“It’s intense. We go really hard at practice. The defense has won most of the time in getting the turnover, and I think that, like you said, manifested itself in the games. But it’s going to be competitive. The offense isn’t going to try and give us a chance. They don’t give us very many opportunities, but when they do, I think the last three have been ended by Akeem Auguste. He’s been playing great, so I’m sure he’ll have some impact on it. We’ll go out there and compete like always, but Turnover Thursday is really the embodiment of our program and what we do because it’s all about the ball. That’s the central theme in the program, and we go after it at all times. I think that’s why our offense is one of the best at keeping it, and we’re one of the best at getting it.”
On Denver QB Peyton Manning’s rebuttal to Sherman’s comments about Manning’s arm strength:
“I agree. That’s exactly what I said. That’s what I said.”
On embracing the media:
“I don’t know. I guess I’m comfortable with my words. I’m comfortable in front of a crowd – public speaking. Obviously, not everybody in the world is comfortable. Sometimes people get anxiety. Some people are uncomfortable with it, and I really don’t think everybody should be forced to do it because it’s not for everyone. Just because you’re a great football player doesn’t mean you’re going to be great in front of crowds and great in front of a large amount of people, a large audience. So I think he (Marshawn Lynch) shouldn’t have to do everything that he doesn’t feel comfortable with. But myself, I’m fine with it. I enjoy it. I enjoy getting the message out that I want to get out, and I enjoy supporting my teammates. The great Marshawn Lynch, I think his game speaks for itself. It says enough for everybody to talk about for weeks and weeks. And I enjoy talking about Doug Baldwin, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor, so I think it’s fun for me.”
On how he knows the team is on track for Sunday:
“The intensity at practice is the same as it’s been. I’m sure today will be another intense day – going hard, guys going after it. You don’t see nervousness in guys’ eyes. You don’t see guys acting any different than they would on any other day or any other week of the season. They’re going out there and following the same routine as they have all season long. You just get the sense that guys are comfortable in the situation and comfortable in the moment because you don’t really think about the moment.”
On this game’s impact on the defense’s legacy:
“I think we’ll take it as a challenge, obviously. We want to go out there and perform just like he (Manning) wants to go out there and perform, and I think these are the two best teams in the NFL and the best quarterback in maybe NFL history. It’s going to be a tremendous challenge for both sides, and I think that’s what makes the game so big. That’s what makes the game so fun. It’s going to be great for the fans, great for the NFL because you do have the best teams and some of the best players in the world going after each other. At the end of the day, somebody has to win, somebody has to lose.”
On if he aims to cement this defense’s legacy as one of the best in NFL history:
“At all times but it’s not something you consciously think about going into a game like this. It’s one of those things that after it’s all said and done, once all the chips have fallen, then maybe we will think about what this game meant to our legacy or what this game meant to his (Manning) legacy or this, that and the other. But I don’t think, going into the game, it’s something that we consciously think about.”
On the Seahawks’ 24/7 mantra:
“It’s just a saying. Guys are accountable 24/7. Guys have to be accountable for their actions. Guys have to always abide by the rules, which we only have three: take care of the team, no whining/no complaining, and be early. Those are the simplest rules ever. But guys have really embraced it this year and really taken care of one another, made sure that we kept one another out of trouble and made good decisions all year long. That’s what it came out to. It came out in a meeting earlier in the season with all the nonsense that was going on, and guys really made a point to correct the mistakes that other guys had made and make sure they’re accountable for their actions.”