SEC Network faces battle with cable companies

Former Gator star and Heisman Trophy QB Tim Tebow will play a big role in the new SEC Network
Former Gator star and Heisman Trophy QB Tim Tebow will play a big role in the new SEC Network

This biggest battle field in SEC sports from today until August 14th is to get cable companies in the conferences 11 state footprint to sign up for the SEC Network. Thus far only Dish Network and AT&T’s U-verse is on board set to carry the network.

But don’t expect to see the SEC Network on your local cable or satellite company until the very last minute. Cable and satellite outlets are already saying that the SEC Network is priced way too high and that they will have to reduce the price before a deal is done.

Something that we have all heard before and then after heavy pressure from subscribers the cable companies add the channel just in time to catch the first show.

So how much per subscriber does the SEC Network want?

Industry sources have told Sports Talk Florida the amount would be about $1.30 per sub, per month. So, for less than a cup of Starbucks coffee fans can have access to the SEC Network.

That puts the SEC Network about on par with the very successful Big Ten Network, which is co-owned by Fox Sports. As a matter of fact, with both Texas and Florida, two of the nation’s largest states home to SEC universities, there are big bucks on the table here for all schools involved

The partnership between the SEC Network and ESPN has brought the network big names like Tim Tebow, Brent Musburger and Jesse Palmer. State of the art studios based in Charlotte are getting ready for the launch and all systems are on full go!

With the SEC Networks that means, every football, basketball, men’s and most women’s will be broadcast on either a national network or on the SEC. All Olympic Sports, track, swimming, gymnastics, baseball, softball, etc. will be showcased on the SEC Network.

There is an impressive website dedicated to making sure that SEC fans can let their cable company know that they want their SEC Network. Fans can go to where they can sign a note letting their television provider know how much they want to have the network.