Seahawks Coach Carroll Speaks to Media

On not having any players on the roster with Super Bowl experience whether he gave them advice on the week ahead:

“First off, I would like to correct you, Ricardo Lockette was at last year’s Super Bowl. We have heaps of experience. There is a lot of stuff in traveling here that we have to be aware of. It’s a long trip for us, when we’re staying here for the whole week. There are a lot of things going on. We have a tremendous support staff that will keep us on track with all of the logistics and all that, but basically we have to stay focused on the football. There’s a lot happening and it’s a very exciting time for everyone. The conversation is ongoing about staying true to what we’re doing and staying true to ourselves as we prepare for this.”


On how a player like WR Doug Baldwin can go undrafted and what he has meant to the team:

“He’s one of many guys that make it in the league that aren’t drafted. Sometimes it’s hard to measure the competiveness and the heart of a guy, but Doug Baldwin is an extraordinary competitor. He’s as tough as you could ever want a kid to be. He has a big chip on his shoulder and he proves it every time he goes on the practice field or on the game field. He’s a fantastic performer and a come-through guy for us. We had known him in college and played against him and appreciated his work. The fact that he was sitting there and we had the chance to get him was very special for us, because we knew we had a good football player coming in.”


On practice plan for the week and how often practices will be held outdoors:

“We’re going to have a normal week as best as we can – with the media events we have to take care of in between our day. The rest of it, the availability of the fields, we’re at the Giants’ facility, we’ll find out. I understand there’s snow on the field and they’re somewhat frozen, so we could likely be indoors for most of the week. As we always do, we’ll figure that out on a day-to-day basis. We like to get out when we can. We’ll have to see if it’s available to us.”


On how much of a resource linebackers’ coach Ken Norton has been:

“Kenny Norton, as far as I know, is the only player in history to win three Super Bowls in a row. He’s always been a guy that’s been a resource to us as we’ve tried to understand what it takes to be a championship program, when we were back at SC (University of Southern California) and here too. He’s a very unique coach and a unique individual that meant a lot to those teams. He was right in the middle of all of it that was happening. He’s always been a great resource for us. Specifically this week, we’ve used the few guys that we have that have spoken, Ricardo Lockette has not made a presentation to the club yet. There have been some phone calls. A lot of our guys have talked around to make sure that we’re getting all the information that we can so that we can make good decisions. It seems like, from the input that we’ve received, that we’re on track with what we’re trying to do and the expectations of how we’ll get through the week and how it will all work out for us. We feel very comfortable with it. I don’t really feel like we have to change a whole lot. I think our system is pretty intact and we’re going to try to make sure we maintain that throughout the week.”


On whether he is surprised about QB Russell Wilson’s composure:

“We’ve never seen anything from Russell that wasn’t a consistent, direction, support, mindset, character, work habits; he’s never changed at all. Nothing’s ever changed. The way we deal with him has been very consistent because he’s been so rock solid consistent. He’s ready for this opportunity. He’s been readying himself throughout his playing career in all sports. He’s got a great savvy about him and I think he’s going to continue to show that. I don’t expect anything to change on game day or in preparation. He’s shown us no reason to think anything but that.”


On the experience leaving Seattle:

“We had an extraordinary sendoff. The 12s were out there in full force. There were a number of settings from the little trip we take from the V-Mac to the airport. When we got down to the last stretch, there were thousands of people lining the streets. The bus could (only) go two miles an hour because they had swarmed into the streets. It was just enough room for the bus. It was really fun to see. They weren’t just waving; they were jumping up and down and cheering, just like the 12s do. Our following was well represented today. It was extraordinary fun for everyone to see that. Everyone had a blast. They pounded on the bus and the whole thing. It was very collegiate like in a sense and it was really cool.”

Source: NFL Media