Seahawks-Bucs Tickets Are Expensive

Source: John Breech, CBS Sports

Bucs_Demps_2013If there’s one lesson to be learned from NFL ticket prices this week, it’s that Seahawks fans would probably pay $100 just to watch eat the team eat ham sandwiches for three hours.

The cheapest ticket to Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and 0-7 Buccaneers in Seattle is $112 on We know Tampa Bay fans aren’t buying those tickets because they don’t even buy tickets for home games — not that I’m them — if you need proof though, just look at this picture from Tampa Bay’s Week 8 home game against Carolina.

The fact that Seattle fans are willing to empty their bank account to see the Seahawks shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. The highest ticket price so far this season came in Week 2 when Seattle hosted San Francisco. The cheapest ticket to that game on the secondary market was $222.