Ryan Miller’s ‘Days Are Numbered’ In Buffalo

Through thick and thin, Ryan Miller has been the Buffalo Sabres’ go-to guy. There are some rumblings that might change, though.

During the first intermission of Tuesday’s Vancouver Canucks-Columbus Blue Jackets game, Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos reported that Miller’s “days are numbered” in Buffalo.

The concept of moving Miller probably seems outrageous because there are many times when he appears to be one of the only bright spots for a fledgling Sabres squad.

Still, he’s not getting any younger at 32 and the team might want to shed his $6.25 million cap hit if they’re not a contender with him, anyway. Miller’s current deal expires after 2013-14, making his departure easier to stomach if the front office doesn’t feel confident about his future with the team and simplifying a trade because he lacks an albatross contract.

Do note that the Sabres are unlikely to confirm such a rumor – whether there’s some truth to it or not – so we’ll just have to wait and see (and imagine interesting hypothetical destinations).

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