Rowdies Support Florida Senate Bill 306

TAMPA, Fla. (April 30,2013) — The Tampa Bay Rowdies are pleased to announce that the Florida Senate passed a bill on Monday that makes it easier for professional sports teams to grow and develop in Florida.

The Rowdies have been working with members of the Florida Legislature to increase the resources available to professional sports teams in this state. Now, through the efforts of the Rowdies and others, the Florida Senate has passed a bill that creates a process for professional sports franchises, including the Rowdies, to partner with state and local governments in plans to build or renovate stadium facilities throughout Florida.

The Senate’s plan establishes an “application and review process” that is good for the people of Florida because it provides the Legislature with a ranking system that can be used as an objective baseline for future stadium funding decisions. The bill provides for potential funding for both “Major League” sports franchises and “Non-major League” sports franchises and associations. The bill will now be reviewed and voted in the House of the Representatives.

Source: Tampa Bay Rowdies