Rookies Can Learn From Donte Stallworth

NFL News

Donte Stallworth has been in the league for ten years. Now Stallworth is known for the incident on March 14, 2009 when he struck and killed Mario Reyes. The incident led to Donte Stallworth being convicted of DUI manslaughter. The NFL has asked Stallworth to speak at an event in front of a group of rookies as a way for them to learn from Stallworth’s mistakes.

“These things are totally preventable. I’ve heard some people call them accidents.They are not an accident. It is not an accident when you decide to drive after you have been drinking,” Stallworth said in an interview with Fox Sports. “We’re all grown enough to make decisions. So that means you are grown enough to formulate a plan before going out and you know you are going to have drinks, or you know there is an opportunity or chance for you to have drinks, then you should plan ahead. And that is one of the biggest messages I want to get across to these guys. DUIs are not accidents. They don’t happen by accident. You don’t drink alcohol and get in your car by accident. If you plan ahead, I think that it is one of the issues I am going to try and hit home with the rookies when I speak to them.”

Donte Stallworth is hoping that these rookies don’t make the same mistake as he did and learned from it.

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