Ronaldo Doesn’t Think Portugal Can Go All the Way

World Cup: Cristiano Ronaldo Never Had Faith in Team

Cristiano Ronaldo

After a close game between the U.S. and Portugal Sunday night, skeptics of Cristiano Ronaldo are criticizing his sloppy and disorganized play.

Portugal didn’t exactly open the World Cup on a high note. They lost to Germany in the opening game, 4-0, and Sunday’s match with the Americans was nothing more than scrimmage play for Ronaldo and his teammates.

Ronaldo didn’t have his best game Sunday night and some are blaming the curse. A Ghanian witch doctor claims that he put a curse on the famous player and that is why he is now struggling with a knee injury. According to ESPN, the witch doctor’s goal is rule him out of the games completely, or at least keep him from playing against Ghana.

Whether he believes in this curse or not, one thing Ronaldo does confirm is that he isn’t very confident in his team.

According to Fox Sports, Ronaldo admits that Portugal was never a favorite to win.

“I never thought we would be world champions. We have to be humble and recognize our limitations. There are things we cannot do, like running faster or having more quality. At the moment there are better teams and better players than our own. Also with the setbacks we have had here, with the suspension of Pepe and the injury to Fabio Coentrao…”

Ronaldo goes on to say that he didn’t have to come to play in the Cup. He could have accepted his award and sat home as a winner.

He says that he couldn’t say no when his country called asking him to represent the team and perform on the World Cup stage. Luckily his coach, Paulo Bento, is defending him saying that what happened Sunday night has more to do with other players.

Despite the witch doctor’s curse, Portugal will face Ghana on Thursday afternoon and it’s very likely that Ronaldo will play.