Report: Grizzlies Upgraded Joeger’s Contract

Dave Joerger

The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that Dave Joerger returned to Minneapolis on Sunday night was in part due to an upgrade in his contract terms.

According to NBA sources, Pera improved Joerger’s contract and assured him his future remained in Memphis after the Wolves and Grizzlies likely had differing ideas about what compensation, if any, would be due should the Wolves hire a coach still under contract.

Joerger was excited about how much better his relationship is with team owner Robert Pera after whatever discussions took place. The new deal probably helps — whether it’s an extension or money related. Regardless, it appears that Pera put his money where his mouth is.

So, after all of this is the saga truly over? Will Joerger stay with the Grizzlies? He will for now, but until the team can show stability, there will be question in the state of affairs in Memphis.