Red Sox To Have Large Payroll

Boston Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington said Thursday he expects the team’s payroll to be among the highest in baseball when all is said and done this offseason despite the fact that he has just $45 million in guaranteed salary on the books so far for 2013.

Getting that payroll into the top three or so in baseball (where the Red Sox usually rank) would mean the team would probably need to spend more than $100 million this winter between signing arbitration-eligible players (think Jacoby Ellsbury and Andrew Bailey) and filling open roster spots through either free agency or trades.

“It’s harder to predict this offseason than it has been in previous offseasons because in previous offseasons we’ve been closer to that, closer to where we’ll end up,” Cherington said in an interview on Boston sports radio station WEEI. “Especially last offseason, when we were making more cosmetic changes.

“I know that we’ll have a very strong payroll, a large payroll.

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