Red Sox David Ross Says Whole Team Offended By Escobar’s Stolen Base

Violation Of Unwritten Rule Lead To Unruly Red Sox Reaction

Associated Press
Associated Press


Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross was asked if he was bothered by Yunel Escobar stealing 3rd base with the Rays up by a score of 8-3.

His answer was somewhat odd as he said the “whole team” took exception to Escobar stealing third with two-out and a five run lead in the ninth – except it was the seventh inning – but the point was the Rays violated some unwritten rule of baseball.

Why would the Red Sox be upset? Less than 24 hours earlier they enjoyed a five run lead which was wiped out in just five innings. Five run leads in major league baseball are no longer safe and not playing for the extra run late in games is a relic as old as batting a good bunter rather than a high on-base guy in the two hole of the batting order.

He was at least man enough to expand on the notion that it was just a showboating Escobar inciting the Red Sox when he said, “I think our whole team took exception to the stolen base, two outs in [seventh]. He’s in scoring position I think were just tired of being beat.”

It would seem the last part of his statement in reference to the Red Sox now 10-game losing streak has more to do with the bench’s reaction than what happened between the white lines.


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