Reaction: Tim Tebow Vs. Merril Hoge

Chris Strauss, USA TODAY Sports
So much for the whole bearing good tidings thing. In a roundtable discussion on Monday morning’s SportsCenter, ESPN analyst Merrill Hoge went on a rant about New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow, saying that he’s “as phony as a three-dollar bill” and that the New York Jets didn’t realize “how bad Tim Tebow was” when they traded for him.

Tim Ryan, The Big Lead
While Hoge was technically right that this was indeed a departure from Tebow’s repeated declaration that he would play any role in order to help the Jets, calling him a flat-out phony was probably unnecessary. Perhaps Hoge’s blatant outward bitterness stems from his burning desire to make himself, along with his tragically shriveled ties, part of the story.

Rob Goldberg, Bleacher Report
Merril Hoge hit the nail on the head when he called the popular player a “phony.” We have thought for years that Tebow does not care about glory and simply wants to help those around him. It is apparent that this is no longer the case.

Although Tim Tebow should be with a new team next season, he has already shown that he is not the type of person that we thought he was.

Ryan Wilson, CBS Sports

As an analyst, it’s Hoge’s job to weigh in on players — good or bad. And it’s not like he was the only guy beating the “Tebow is really, really bad” drum. Just about everybody thought he had no chance to succeed in today’s NFL with a style that is better suited for the college game.