“The Draft is everything for us” – That’s how important Rays executive vice president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman feels about the Major League draft that kicks off this evening.

Friedman continued “Player procurement on the domestic and international front is really our only viable way of sustaining any kind of long-term success.

And so, it was everything. It is everything. And we talk about it ad nauseam. Scouting and development is our lifeline. … When you look at our resources in relation to our direct competitors, it’s very easy to see why that is the case for us.”

With the 21st pick in the draft the Rays select  catcher Nick Ciuffo from Lexington High School in South Carolina. MLB.com had him ranked 23 on their top 100 draft prospects.


From MLB.com: Left-handed-hitting catchers are always a hot commodity, and Ciuffo has the chance to really hit at the next level, both for average and power. Scouts love his strength both at the plate and behind it.


R.J. Anderson: The Process Report Ciuffo attends Lexington High School in Lexington, South Carolina. He—unsurprisingly—is a University of South Carolina commit, having chosen his dad’s alma mater as a 14-year-old. Often with high-school catchers there are concerns about their long-term viability behind the plate. Not with Ciuffo.