Rams Jump Up To Eighth Pick, Take Tavon Austin

Tavon Austin’s rocket ride has come to an end at the eighth overall pick of the 2013 Draft.

The Rams, who owned a pair of first-round picks coming into the draft, traded up with the Bills to get the wide receiver. It’s one pick before the first of two Jets first rounders and the Jets have been linked with Austin in several different places in recent days.

The need for Austin is obvious in St. Louis. The departures of Danny Amendola and Brandon Gibson leave the offense without much in the way of targets for Sam Bradford at wide receiver. Austin changes that and you can expect the Rams to find plenty of different ways to get the ball into his hands next season. It’s something their offense needed even before those wideouts (and Steven Jackson) left town, so it’s easy to understand why the Rams went up the board to get Austin.